Local company unveils world's first solar-powered scooter

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Local company unveils world’s first solar-powered scooter
09 Jun 2006
Sean Augustin

KUALA TERENGGANU: It’s silent, environmental-friendly and more importantly, does not require petrol. Solarin Turtle, the world’s first solar-powered scooter and produced by a Malaysian company, was unveiled today.

Developed by Solarin Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd, the scooter is powered by either sunlight, ultraviolet rays, thermal heat or electrical charge.
However, Malaysians would have to wait until May next year to purchase the vehicle as the factory in Kemaman, which will produce the scooter is not completed.
The scooter can go up to a speed of 55mph and comes with a helmet, fitted with the ‘hands-free’ technology.
The brainchild of Solarin Holdings president and group executive chairman Datuk Naser Ismail, it was designed by seven engineers, including two Malaysians.
Naser said the idea of a solar-powered scooter, developed especially for low end users, came about during the rise in oil prices.
“We also want to do our bid for the environment. Compared to oil, solar energy is free and infinite,” he said at a press conference.
Naser said the demand for the scooter from Japan, Europe and the United States had been very encouraging and the company was unsure it could meet the demand.
China alone has placed an order for 100,000 units.
While the price of the scooter has yet to be determined, Naser said it would not exceed RM3,000.

Wow. I hope this is not another failed marketing again.
I would want to have one if the price is good, hehe :slight_smile:

Well, looking forward for this…might get 1 of those…

The scooter can go up to a speed of 55mph and comes with a helmet, fitted with the ‘hands-free’ technology.

So, is that ‘hands free’ for the phone or ‘look ma! no hands’ while riding the scooter?

Ian, that’s a good question, I think it’s the second. Hehe :twisted: