Local company out to help Mirians handle, dispose of used cooking oil

Jong (left) and Sepang Dynamics’ person in-charge Tie Sing Kong, show the licences issued by MCC and MPOB.

MIRI: Restaurant owners, coffee-shop operators and even residents here who do not know what to do with or how to dispose of used cooking oil, need not worry anymore as now, there is a local company that could handle this matter.

According to Sepang Dynamics Sdn Bhd’s business development manager Alex Jong, the company plans to set up a series of educational programmes meant to increase public awareness of the importance of proper disposal of used cooking oil.

“The first bad impact from improper disposal of used cooking oil is pipe-clogging.

“Moreover, part of the discarded oil that ends up in the rivers and seas could even be hazardous to marine life, which I’m sure nobody wants this to happen.

“If we could educate and ensure that everyone would be doing their part for the environment, a gesture as small as saving up used oil and turning it into other forms of energy, could benefit human’s livelihood,” said Jong.

Located in Tudan, Sepang Dynamics is a used cooking oil collection company registered under the Miri City Council (MCC).

Its key responsibility is to ensure safe and proper handling and also disposal of used cooking oil and grease.

“Our responsibility begins from the collection point, right up to transportation of the oil, to storage and processing, and/or to exports.

“As we do not have the technology in Miri, we would properly store the used cooking oil before shipping it to Europe where it would be processed into biodiesel,” said Jong.

He said in getting the attention from local food business operators, the provision of a proper medium to contain the oil was vital.

“Thus, spill-proof oil tanks would be provided for the convenience of the operators.”

Jong also said apart from the licence issued by MCC, it was crucial for the company to also attain certification from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

“Our work involves processing cooking oil that

comes from oil palm. Therefore, we have a one-year licence issued by the MPOB that allows us to carry our work smoothly.”

Jong acknowledged that regarding work, Sepang Dynamics still had a lot to do, especially in educating the local communities about the proper disposal of used cooking oil.

“All the adverse impacts must be made obvious to the public so that they would know the danger of wrongful disposal of used cooking oil.

“We have to aggressively remind the public about the possibility of some irresponsible quarters misusing the used cooking oil, such as illegally reusing them in cooking,” said Jong.

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