Local Band - for wedding reception

Hi ppl,

Anyone knows any band willing to play for my wedding in November? I remember a band playing at the 'SHIP" and i kinda like them. I think they are some iban and bidayuh boys…pls contact me if anyone know…thks

yeah, been there once. like their songs too but too bad i don’t have their contact numbers. maybe u can ask the ship’s management?

u can find them at “wheels Bar” every saturday! meet them there…

thank guys…will try and look for them…and hopefully they are willing to play for my wedding.

insan biasa - you can try to ‘pm’ karlina (forum member) on your search. good luck. :wink:

may i know what kind/genre of songs are you looking at?

I have a friend who is running a band at a reasonable price. Im sure he is able to wow your guests at your wedding. You can call me if you are interested to listen to their live performance. Contact me at 016873-1265.

0168731265 ?? kevin gom??

Yups…Who are you?? Don’t worry. Im not in the band.

hehe…i’ll pm u who am i…dont intro in here…they are searching for local band…actually i need a band too at kch…

hi ppl,

thk for so many reply. Songs selection - a kind of mix from the oldies to the latest…plus country music of course.

Hi Insan Biasa,

Should not be a problem…This band will be playing for a private dinner end of May and Aug 09. You can even listen to their practise session if you are interested.