Loans? Where to get them?

if banks have turned you down since you are not a customer, not a goverment employee or not a business owner. where can someone turn to for a loan of under RM7000? what are the legal ways for reaching this loan? hope for a serious discussion and having to hear ideas from Mirians.

rm7k only ???

borrow frm parents…ahaha

don’t think of loan shark, the bunga will kill you

Try this. Good Luck !

try hongleong…i once borrowed from them…for rm5000…lepas…not a customer, not a gov servant and not a business owner. :slight_smile:

What is the loan for ? small business ? can try government loans.

medical bills. thanks for the information, will look into hong leong etc. are there any private loan lenders in miri? not loan sharks…

dornz . +1 Hong Leong Bank

below 10k u can easily get the personal loan from the saving bank whereby u have ure savings wth…but round 11% of interest…

Hi ,
Can try personal loan with bank rakyat. Interest around 5%. Don’t go private hospitals, go to GH


I don’t work in Malaysia, am not a bumi & my salary is not fixed but yet I can get a $10K loan (5 years repayable) from HSBC Miri eventhough I never have an account with them :slight_smile:

May be possible .

Good luck