Ling: MoE sets aside RM35.2 million for hiring substitute teachers

Ling (centre), flanked by Mariam and Goh, leads the cake-cutting ceremony for the Teacher’s Day event at SK St Joseph.

MIRI: The Ministry of Education (MoE) has allocated RM35.2 million to all Education Departments in the country, to enable schools to take in substitute teachers when their own teachers are on leave for more than 28 days, including maternity and sick leave.

According to Senator Alan Ling, the federal government would continue to ensure sufficient funding for the hiring of substitute teachers so that students would not be left behind in their lessons when their own teachers go on a long leave.

“The ministry has received many feedback regarding the problems faced by teachers, and I know it can be very tedious.

“But the ministry has started aggressive campaigns to tackle all these issues and to resolve them completely,” he said in his address for SK St Joseph’s ‘Teacher’s Day’ celebration yesterday, where the headmistress Mariam Menadu and the school’s parent-teacher association (PTA) chairman Goh Ser Seng were also present.

Adding on, Ling said the allocation for hiring substitute teachers was one of five short-term initiatives implemented by the Education Ministry, starting in January this year.

Other initiatives included Online Student Medical Record (e-RKM) where teachers would no longer need to write down their students’ information because all the data could be obtained via the Student Database Application System (APDM).

“The ministry is also concerned about the welfare of teachers whenever they need to take their students for an outing.

“The government has thus reviewed the standard operating procedure (SOP) concerning teachers’ safety, and will come up with some kind of insurance for them (teachers), which will be fully borne by the government.”

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