Line Keeps Disconnecting

Hi all, I have a problem here with my Streamyx. I have two laptops at home, let’s say laptop A and laptop B. Whenever laptop A uses Skype, laptop B will automatically disconnect. I’m not sure if laptop A will disconnect or not if laptop B uses skype because it’s not installed with Skpe. By the way, both using wireless…

I’m not quite sure what happens. I appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

me also like that,dc and later reconnected…me already tired…

skype can run smoothly using wireless? even use cable, also sometime will delay.

I see no difference with Wireless and Cable. Wireless routers are connected to the Cable modems. So they have the same speed.

Skype can run smoothly without any problem when you’re using wireless…

Anyone thinks it’s because Skype sends and receives too much “packets” at one time which cause the other laptop to disconnect?


make sure both your computers do not have the same ip (ip conflict). Also, sometimes defective hardware (routers or switches) can cause this.

How can I change my IP for Streamyx? Mind to guide?

mine okay la…using deConneXion…now watching…2bar and connected…IP for streamyx is dynamic, maybe try to add ur DNS would help…or streamyx mmg problem today… :wink:


i think basically yr modem problem. try rent a better modem for instance linksys from your friend and test it out. If ip conflict then u will not able to connect wirelessly. there is no problem on skype either u use wireless or wired.

Thanks a lot for your recommendation. I’ll try it out. By the way, I’m using Artnet modem.

I think should be your router problem. Try Belkin!!!

Me also. Playing kuwakcai not very smooth

Ya, belkin also give good performance.

linksys and belkin. 3com also but 3com cost alot