Lindsay Lohan 3 years later

The effects of bad living (drugs, alcohol, family issues).

hmm… from one hot babe to one old lady. She looks so much better with black hair and tan skin. :mrgreen:

OMG…so scared to see ready…look like she is in her 50s…

she got take drugs ?! :?: :!: :shock:


ohhh noo… she looks like a witch!

[quote=“whatman”]The effects of bad living (drugs, alcohol, family issues).[/quote]

(, take too much MSG)

is it true , seems to me that the photo is shopped

She looks much more hotter when she just started entering the silver screen. but now doesnt look nice anymore.

OMG…so scared to see…haha

eeks, i prefer her when she’s still innocent hhehe

look photoshopped

but she is a train wreck now

expect her to die from overdose drug n booze tis year

looks hot tough… :mrgreen: