Limbang croc released back into the wild

MIRI: The wildlife authorities from Sarawak Forestry Corporation have released the giant crocodile that was captured alive in Limbang town by the Fire and Rescue Department personnels.

The wildlife department decided not to cull the huge creature.

Wildlife rangers released it into the Limbang River at an undisclosed location after Limbang Bomba handed over the captured crocodile.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation in a press statement said the decision not to cull the crocodile was made after much consideration.

“That crocodile was not a threat to humans.

“It wandered out of the river into the town area accidentally and was not a threat to anyone.

“Furthermore, Limbang River does not have a crocodile over-population and there has not been any fatal attacks recently.

“So there was no reason to cull the captured crocodile and that is why it was released back into the river,” said the Sarawak Forestry Department.

On Sept 2, the big crocodile measuring 5m was found inside a tyre repair shop in Westlake Limbang Housing Centre in Limbang town at about 8.15am.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel from the Limbang Bomba managed to captured the huge creature alive after receiving an alert from members of the public who spotted the reptile.

A team of firemen managed to subdue the crocodile that is estimated to weigh at least a tonne.

They then tied up the crocodile before lifting it onto a lorry using a crane.

The Limbang Fire and Rescue Department then handed the animal over to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation.

This is one of the largest crocodile caught alive in northern Sarawak.