Lexus LFA Supppppeeeeer Car!

Pay attention at 1:34

cool car !!! wonder if we can see it in miri ah ? >.<

Some1 in miri might get this car, all you have to do is show him this video XD

in scale 1:10[/quote]

hahaha…LOL :lol:

this car is more expensive than a 599GTB.

frankly, i think it’s not worth to buy - not unless you’re listed in 10 richest ppl in the globe.

if im not mistaken this car is like the bugatti veyron,
both are made as a engineers technical toy.
they make losses for each car made,

interesting fact…

there are only 200 worldwide.
dream on…xD
in a scale of 1:1000…not 1:10

man… i just love the sweet sound of this car!!! turn up your speaker volume XD

  1. Engine Start



Sounds of the Lexus LFA recorded by Yamaha

sweeeeet sounds

Lexus really nice 2 drive…
I just buy it…

in NFS Shift… :mrgreen: