Lexus LF-A

This car actually cost more than the new F458 Italia… :shock:

Here is the official video…

… and this video practically explained why it’s so expensive… Intense R&D over the past few years for only limited units of 500

That car is so nice…It looks like a GTR at the front and Lambo at the back…COOL GOT TO GET ONE OF THAT!!!

no way we can see them in malaysia…

RM 1.3 mil excluding tax. wow!

TheStar says this car is double the price of latest Ferrari 458 Italia…500units only.

Waaalaooo so expensive weird also I tought ferrari expensive!!!

i tot toyota come out with a car to compete with the new GT-R, jz wondering they used to have the marketing strategies like b4. now, with a lexus LF-A, topup abit can buy 2 units of GT-R. but this car is like a monster, very fast one. fierce looking too.

wow, i love the design, sexy…

three exhaust, thats a new one. haha.

Wow…My dream car,here all new supercar LEXUS LF-A with 552hp full details :- :smiley: … d-to-know/