Lets get Streamyx to Desa Pujut 2

Hi all,

I currently live in Desa Pujut 2, and anyone who lives there can tell you that there are currently no landlines there. As such, there is no Streamyx. I contacted TM and they have informed me that there is no demand for internet from there. They said that if they get 10 application from the area, then they would set up lines there.

I’m creating this post to call on all internet starved residents of Desa Pujut 2 to apply go to TM and register your interest in getting a line. At least then they will know that the houses there are inhabited.

I know its ironic that I’m asking people who do not have internet at home to apply for internet through an internet forum, but I’m hoping that there are people out there that access this forum from work (like me now) or from their phone.

I will be talking to the nearby businesses regarding this to garner more numbers for this cause.

Thanks for your support.

You sure?how can last time when I applied for TM fix line they offering me with Streamyx package?In the same time both of my neighbor using Streamyx as well…BTW need to confirm with TM.

Last time i went to apply for telephone and streamyx line they mention to me that for the time being that area will not accommodate with the phone line until the contruction there is meeting certain quota. But of course i do hope that there is telephone line for streamyx and can get online coz broadband there is very very weak too.

i see some houses there got phone line

I talked to one of the businesses nearby yesterday and he says that he just applied for internet.

Means that TM might already ahve expanded there. I will try going to TM point and ask.

In WM new houses comes with built in phone line and some even have astro wiring done.So if you want to install astro don’t need to drill hole for wiring and same goes to house phone.If Internet connection available i’m not sure but if house phone line sure got.

If not mistaken what I heard was there’s no more line port?

This applies to any area in Miri for now? My relative in Pujut 3 got that reason.

[quote=“Eugene91”]If not mistaken what I heard was there’s no more line port?

This applies to any area in Miri for now? My relative in Pujut 3 got that reason.[/quote]

I live in pujut 3 got internet.But sometime during peak hour speed is reduced in certain website.Must use vpn than get max speed.But other time speed is ok.About no port line I have no comment because I guess TM are just keeping the money to they self and not upgrading they system.

Well my cousin stay at Desa Pujut 2 already get streamyx, better you ask TMPoint to reconfirm back. By the way did you see any TM pole near at your house, i mean the distribution point the black box at the TM pole. If your dont see any TM network such TM network pole at your house area, that mean your can’t subscribe for tel line or streamyx. Need to wait for them to install network at your area. :mrgreen:

if anyone of wanted to apply streamyx or homeline do pm me, i can help you to apply FOC

i live in desa pujut 2, i have a Streamyx almost one year already.

at the back one don have yet

DP2 old phase got…but not new phase…yes, I want screamyx there…at least better than beruk-band.

my house at the back of the shophouse have but for the new phase still dont have a telephone lines

Hi all,

I just checked with TM yesterday. Desa Pujut 2, has internet already. Apparently in the past 2 or 3 weeks.

I just applied. :smiley: