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SFI is 100% FREE to join.
SFI been on business for over than 16 years now, and SFI been helping many people around the world to make money online from home for over than 16 years now. Many other online business is just a Scam. And many other online business just come and disappeared after few months, but SFI still remain for over than 16 years now. So it very easy to share SFI to other people because SFI already had very good 16 years proven track record to prove. No other online business can match SFI, and SFI just keep on growing stronger and more successful every year. So you are making a good choice for joining SFI.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER, this is not a “get rich quick schemes” and your first few months earning will be very small, but don’t get discourage and don’t give up. Many older members who work here for many years are now earning full time income with SFI. So earning full time income with SFI is very possible if you work hard and don’t give up too early.

Give your SFI business at least 2 years time, or 5 years would be even better.
Be committed to being at least an EA (Executive Affiliate) for every month of that time. The true benefits of SFI are activated when we maintain at least being an EA (Executive Affiliate) every month. Participate fully in building your business. SFI has made this as easy as it gets, but YOU have to show up and do the work. If you truly stick with it, and do the work, you WILL succeed.


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