Legal work

hello everyone,my name is nadiah,24, from kuala husband will be going to miri to work as engineer there this coming december. i am looking for a legal job available in Miri,but sadly i cannot practise because of the requirement,i can actually but i have to do my chambering all over again. I am now working at a big law firm in KL,and currently doing islamic finance and banking work. if anyone could help me figure out what would be the best work for me,i would really appreciate it.
Until then, i cant wait to start our new future at Miri.wish us all the best :slight_smile:

pizza hut permy jaya is hiring now

what kind of job are u refering to?any specific?and the payment?

i hope i can still do legal work,i mean,legal executive in any company/banks.but if theres no other option,i guess any work will do.i dont know the salary rate in Miri, but in my previous firm i got Rm3k+.

ahyong-pizza hut is hiring a legal exec?