Lee goes `Bumble Bees’ in coming state polls

Lee with his `Bumble Bees’ soft toys.

Lee with his `Bumble Bees’ soft toys.

MIRI: BN candidate for Senadin Datuk Lee Kim Shin yesterday took delivery of 3,000 ‘Bumble Bees’ soft toys for his election campaign.

“The toys were initiated and designed by a party member. They will be available for sale during the campaigning period from SUPP Senadin Branch office,” said Lee to reporters here yesterday.

Only Lee would be using these `Bumble Bees’ as campaign material, not his comrades in other seats.

Selling for RM20 each, Lee said proceeds from the sale would be used to trim his election expenses.

“I am also grateful to those members who took the initiative to come up with other campaign materials, such as t-shirts

and `Bumblee Bees’ stickers bearing the slogan `Protect Sarawak’.

Senadin is likely to feature a straight fight in the coming polls, with Lee’s opponent likely to be Dr Bob Baru Langub from the DAP.

Meanwhile, as of yesterday, 13 nomination papers have been purchased from Miri District Office, 18 from Sibuti District Office for Bekenu and Lambir, six (Batu Danau), five (Bukit Kota), four (Marudi), four (Mulu) and two (Telang Usan).


Source: http://miri.my/2016/04/23/lee-goes-bumble-bees-in-coming-state-polls/