LED Flashlight, Come show it off here

Let Me start here, it all started off 2 weeks ago when 1 of my friend poison me with his SureFire Luxeon Led Flashlight and also Fenix P3D CE…so i start searching around for cheaper alternative but the the cheap one you find in pasar malam lah…
So bought my first flashlight(not LED) Maglite Mini 2AA Camo. Then the next day bought Romisen RC-F4-Cree P4 Led with orange peel reflector. I was suprise when compare with my friend’s Fenix P3D CE with Cree Q5 LED(the brightest in the market currently), my Romisen outshine the Fenix…:slight_smile:

Maglite & Romisen RC-F4

Romisen RC-F4 P4

Rechargeable RCR 123A 3.6V battery that comes bundled with the Torch

Now the comparison
Natural street light only

Maglite Mini 2 AA

Romisen RC-F4 with the bundled Rechargeable battery

Tesco CR123 non rechargeable battery-only RM4.99/pc-used 3 days edi

wooo…strong light!a must bring when go to batu niah…

haha, i see u have the same torch as my dad has… he gila torchlight one >_>’

here are some photos of his CREE Romisen and his CREE normal ._.’

he ordered from HK =p

order from hong kong?me want pengsan…

got tax or not when it come in from Hong Kong?

no arh.

you wanna buy? :shock: :shock:

you wanna buy? :shock: :shock:[/quote]

yup, wanna add Fenix range into my collection…:slight_smile:

O_O’ . get a laser pointer that can burn >.>’ … search Laser in youtube… can see the laser pop balloons. haha. portable one

dun wan lah, imagine…if you accidentally activate it when the pointer is in your jean pocket… :lol:

haha, true oso .

Cool Lights. I have a special lights than can run 10 days continuously on just 4x AA batteries. Its a special high luminence LED with high focus beam under “CATEYE” brand.

is that ur RC? lol

Nope, later i’ll take the picture of the lights. Bought it from bicycle shop.

…where my cam?

dun wan lah, imagine…if you accidentally activate it when the pointer is in your jean pocket… :lol:[/quote]
telo masak la. haha!

Lazer pointer is still a dangerous device, its a remote heater due to the fact in transmit light heat in one line of sight.


This light is tiny, but it cranks out more than 1,200 candlepower and the light beam lasts continuously if power ON for 10 days.


* 50% brighter than the HL-EL510
* High/low beams
* Uses 4 AA batteries
* More than 240 hours of runtime in low beam (10 day continuous lighting)
* Side visibility
* FlexTight mounting bracket

seen this be4?

nice cateye allokitty.


you own this flashlight?