League of Legends

Hi community,

My name is Norren from the Garena League of Legends (LoL) clan Piltover Custom. It has occured to me that there has been little or no competitive activities for LoL players here in sarawak. So, as an effort to get more players and also increase the popularity of the game, I am interested in organizing a future LoL tournament here in Miri. Location and date has yet to be set as i need to see the amount of people involved later. If you are interested, do feel free to contact me here or just leave your LoL ign. A little idea on how the tournament will go:

Will consist of at least 8 teams, each team consists of at least 5 players. Game is to be done in a best of 3 matches ( aka team who wins 2 out of 3 match proceeds tot he next round) elimination.

A little about the game:

League of Legends is a MOBA game created by the creators of the original DoTA. It is a unique MOBA which encourages team play, proper strategy and is easy to play and challenging to master.

Do visit the main website or try the game yourself.

#disclaimer: i am neither a staff nor promoter of Garena. I am just a pasionate LoL player interested in bringing LoL to our local scene. Thanks.

how about dota ?

Not that i have anything against dota, but personally i think LoL has something to offer more than dota. Then again, it’s my personal opinion.

Are there even enough people who play LoL in Miri to have 8 teams in the competition?

well, based on the statistics, it seems like we have enough. which is why i’m trying to get an idea on how many people there are first.

Free to join? :lol: I can bring my friends (1 team) to play for fun if it falls on the right date

hey good luck to u man. too bad i already quit LoL. have to prepare for CS:GO now. :smiley:

Not sure bout the details yet. Just seeing the possible crowd. This is still at the pre infant stage of planning. But yeah, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey man,my ign is Qisty. My Lol team is ranked at 1500-1700 elo currently,we would gladly join the tourney :smiley:

oppa dendi!