League of legends

Hi geeks :slight_smile:
anyone play this game? Just tried out today… quite relaxing and fun :slight_smile:
trying to get the hang of using Q W E R and D F :stuck_out_tongue:

Caitlyn is a real hottie!

Rated 1900 in US server. Recently new to Garena. Different metagame. Add me: Psych

i think sona is hotter then cait XD

guess which champ i played?
Kog’Maw… lols… will try others later but i think i will be playing kog for a while to get the hang of the game… i am still consider a newbie :slight_smile:
love it when i see a group of monsters being hit and hp near low and i use the mass damage and hit all at the same time for gold! :stuck_out_tongue:

Garena IGN: Angermanagement
Hit 30 few weeks ago and had a few ranked games. Feel free to add me up doods. Btw, Singed > everyone lollolollol