LDR Realtionships

How many of you here have been in them? I actually am in a few, including friendships. I will be vising my friend who lives in Miri for the first time ever in May 2016. We met online on a forum almost 6 years ago. We talk almost every day on Skype. My fiance is from another country as well. I have a few friends from other states, some from Canada, Mexico… I love being able to say I know people all around the world!

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I was in and out of one for a good 6 years but we finally decided to just call it quits right now. Neither of us have time for visits. He is still in school and I am just starting my career.

I have have friendships with people all around the world. I think they are great and a good way to focus on speaking. You learn how to listen and not be the center focus of attention.

To me there is not much of a point if you can’t interact with touch. Maybe I am alone on this one.