Lcd vs led monitor

any one using led monitor?
other then slim design & higher Dynamic Contrast Ratio less power consumption wat other benefit?

led tvs are bloody expensive, you know…

mahal nak mampos… :mrgreen:

same ■■■■, different back light. LED should last longer than CCFL if im not mistaken.

Yeap,LED much better…
Only the price,haiz u noe la… :?

mod your own lcd, replace the ccfl with LED, then you got your own led tv. :smiley:

[quote=“DK Sparco”]Yeap,LED much better…
Only the price,haiz u noe la… :?[/quote]

hhuuuaaaiizzzzzaaaa…memang mahal pok… :shock:

[quote=“headhunter”][quote=“DK Sparco”]Yeap,LED much better…
Only the price,haiz u noe la… :?[/quote]

hhuuuaaaiizzzzzaaaa…memang mahal pok… :shock:[/quote]
Yalo yalo… :expressionless:

The only LED experience I had is a friend’s one. He had one of the Samsung ones if I’m not mistaken.

From what I’ve seen, that TV has the tendency to make/turn movies and make them look like British soap series (i.e. like blackadder). I believe it’s partly because of the picture processing technology that particular model but other than that the smoothness of the motion pictures need getting used to.

From what I understand however, LED technology has the benefit of saving considerable amount of energy when being used. Through some physics-related (I myself don’t know how to explain) design of the LED technology, it emits less heat and therefore energy is conserved. And because there is no need for heatsinks, and the nature of back-lit LED technology, we can see how thin it can get.

I myself do not have the privilege to own one to know one well enough. I’ll stick with LCD for the time being though. Give it a few more years when it’s all standardized.

Clearer, sharper images, Faster processing. Apa lagi!! My Next buy for my PC!!! now only using 32" lcd thinking of getting a 42" LED for my PC. hehe Price wise, Its ok wat.

if u want energy-save LED its easy, try not to watch tv so often lol kiddin how much is the LED Tv nowdays ? and how about LED monitors ? ( if theres such )

It’s like comparing between fluorescent lamp with incandescent lamp or in this case fluorescent with LED. Better dynamic contrast, power saver and if I might add, uniform backlight which if I not mistaken lessen or no backlight bleed effect.

My 46" LED looks damn great with Blu-ray. Same to LCD. Not much of an enthusiast, so yeah.

yeah, agree with that… i’m using samsung 56" LED & it’s kinda nice… if u online with that puas hati… xD

LED of course brighter… Shows Rich Vibrant colours :stuck_out_tongue: More energy saving also… This is for notebooks la haha… Must be the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Wa…46" LED oh ppl… :stuck_out_tongue:

Samsung 55" LED is tha bomb…after buying one, u’ll never gonna leave the house watching soccer match in high Def.

nice avatar … never winter night ?

anyway, which brand is better in this LED stuff , PAnasonic ? or maybe be Samsung ?

currently the best in market = samsung later don’t know but cost really alot .

Just so you guys know, Blu-ray is miles better than HD (Also Astro B.Yond)

do u know? apple are using LED for their product =)