LCD and Plasma

Anyone here know which one is da best between LCD n Plasma ???
or anyone here got using currently ??? hows is going on so far ???

I am not impressed with LCD tv’s…the blacks are not truly black…

o? u mean the colour black ??

read through these,239035250,240036500,00.htm

Spartan: thanks for the good info. :slight_smile:

Which is better value for me right now: plasma or LCD?
If you’re in the market for a big screen television – and we’re talking 50-inches and above – then we’d suggest plasma as a safe bet. Plasmas give you more bang for your buck at the big end of town, and while LCDs can give you better resolution, plasma still has the edge in terms of picture quality. One other thing to look for, whether you opt for plasma or LCD, is an integrated tuner – many TVs still have analogue tuners, which look pretty terrible on a large screen. Try to get a model with an inbuilt HD tuner if you can.

At the smaller end of things (15" to 42" TVs), LCD is the only way to go if you want something slim and tasteful. And the best thing is that LCDs are getting cheaper all the time.

i go for 37" LCD is the right chioce. hehehee… :slight_smile: if u guy want a big screen then u go for Plasma. :slight_smile:

GTSW20: have look at this when u go yue fatt…

1.) when you walk in a store and compare the television, have you check if they are tuned in the same setting (e.g. 50% brightness, 50%contrast). Store can easily trick you with these kind of setup.

2.) I bought a ***y plasma and the picture was fabulous until the panel failed. i was quoted $3400 to repair it. The repair cost is more than the retail price was. The viewing hours were rated at 30,000: we did not make it. Product was manufactured Nov. 2004. Bought in March 2005 panel failed in 11/2006. Still waiting for manufacture to step up. Bottom line is even with this mishap, The plasma is the way to go in my opinion. Choose carefully.

3.) i bought an LG 42" plasma 2 years ago, and its already finished… a panel failure and some other bs failure. not under warranty and company wants $3000 to fix it, bought the damn thing for $4200

Though I never use an HDTV, but I can feel that LCD is better…

But, which kind has the better lifespan?

Just a note on HDTV availability in Malaysia.

Plasma definately better than LCD.

LCD for the win. Plasma has reliability issue and the pixels are not as sharp as the LCD.

LCD to be at bright living room, Plasma to be at home theater dark room.

the winner is : one LCD and one Plasma at home.

yesterday got testing use LCD watching movie download from internet, what a damn clear appearance :slight_smile:
start from now i no need to buy vcd or dvd anymore. :slight_smile:

I thought LCD is better?.. clearer in a sense… plasma weakness is that it generate more heat than LCD… try to stand in front of those 2 and youll feel the different…

yes…plasma produce more heat n electric consumption will be more than LCD.

like i said, LCD to be at bright light condition.