Laundry Washing Ball (100% Natural Components-Made In Korea

Only RM 199 per pair. 3 years Guarantee!! (More than 3 years base once a day use)Hurry!! Buy It Today Intrested please contact me at 0198240097[attachment=0]HPIM0029.jpg[/attachment]Product Description
This Wellos Washing ball is a versatile product that functions as a natural health and wellness products, an environmental protection product, and scientific product.

  • 80% reduction on washing powder usage
  • Antibiotic
  • Chloride exclusion
  • Conditional not required


  1. The Wellos Washing ball,which consists of four main natural ceramics, contained in a round ball, was designed scientifically so that it could clean clothes and laundry without any detergents.
  2. With Wellos Washing ball, it substitutes for the major functions of existing ordinary chemical laundry powder.
  3. From the test result by a nationally authorized organization, we were awarded an excellent record in cleaning strength, and power, which are : Decolorant Strength and Sterilizing Power.
  4. When compared with the normal washing process, we obtained results that were both desirable and economical : detergent-conserving, water-conserving, electrically efficiency, and time-saving.
  5. It is global invention which was recorded in invention patent, a utility model, design and trade mark.
  6. This WELLOS WASHING BALL is a versatile product that functions as a natural health and wellness produce, an environmental protection product, and scientific product.

1.Because the WELLOS WASHING BALL does not contain any detergent, there is no remaining chemical detergent residue in the cloth and fibers, therefore it does not cause about any skin trouble in those who may be allergic or irritated by residues that detergents can leave behind in clothes after washing.
2.It protects the oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chloride in the city water and helps to retain the elasticity of fabric.
3. The WELLOS BALL has an antibiotic agent, it eliminates the mold, pathogenic organisms, and unpleasant odors. While it activates water and increases the cleaning power.
4.With these combined functions, it is not necessary to add blenching agent, fabric softner and other washing additives.
5.For children, women and who has sensitive and delicate skin are needed to use WELLOS WASHING BALL
6.There is no tangled and twisted results between the laundry.
7.With economic saving effect, taking care the skin health and reducing the environmental pollution caused by chemical detergent, these benefits is like catch three pigeons with one bean.

Washing principle

  1. The powerful far-infrared rays from WELLOS WASHING BALL break water molecule’s hydrogen-combinations into small clusters and force the small water cluster being activated to increase it’s molecular motions, penetration force, and washing power. And it radiates negative ions to weaken the surface and inter fabric adhesion so that the dirt can come off easily without any detergent.
  2. WELLOS WASHING BALL keep the pH spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps to remove oil-dirt from clothing.
  3. WELLOS WASHING BALL eliminates the chloride compound in water, and slackens the water surface tension and increases cleaning strength.
  4. WELLOS WASHING BALL eliminates the mold, pathogenic organisms in the washing machine, and activates the water to increase the cleaning strength.
  5. It will be increase the cleaning strength by friction strength of external projection, and water pressure through the external projection.



  • Use in washing Machine(regular and drum washing machine)

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[quote=“kilee”]Only RM 199 per pair. 3 years Guarantee!! More than 3 years (Once a day use)

RM199 per pair, 3 years guarantee, so before 3 years send for warranty, means can use for another 3 years. Wow RM199 for 6 years. But one disadvantage is that it can only use once a day. Maybe another way to save electricity bill and prolong the washing machine life span.

you can uses it more then one time a day. Base on calculation 365*3 yrs= 1095 times usage. That mean cost per wash is RM199/1095 times = 0.1817 cents

Now days all thigs price is raise, where you can get laundry just cost you 0.19 cents and environment friendly again. I personally use it and see the result so just like to share with all Miri Community… if no good I will not share…

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are you honest to say this is Korean product? My friend (Enforcement) seized this product several months ago. they used to import from China and “hide inside” the container. not to interrupt your business, just as a safety precaution only, coz we are wearing the cloth everyday. If yours is Original Korean Product, have a good business day. yah !!!

No to worried, very sure it form korean, even got certification form Lab.