Latter-day Saints Church in Miri

hello. U heard of LDS church before?
I am one of the member :slight_smile:

[quote=“cheekui”]hello. U heard of LDS church before?
I am one of the member :)[/quote]

Hi Cheekui,

Haven’t yet heard of LDS church, where is it located?

It recently just have a new building at the pujut area. near to the primary school at pujut 1A. Check it out :slight_smile:

I must have missed it when I was back in Miri for a month. :smiley:

Anyway, hope this is not too sensitive: May I know what are the core differences between Anglican, SIB, etc. with LDS? Just curious. I myself am a Roman Catholic, so this is something new which I am keen to know. :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply. Well, i am not sure about the others, but as for LDS, we believe that the gospel has been restored on earth by prophet Joseph Smith.
You can find out more info about LDS at :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Just quickly read the FAQ and found the main obvious difference: The Book of Mormon. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s one of it :slight_smile:

yeah, i think ill start my own denomination… I’ll call it “Hyperactive Saints” or something like that. Membership fee will be RM100 per month and you’ll get discounts for Toys World and Nelsons…

We’ll pray to our motherboards, woship our graphic cards, and praise our RAM modules, webcams and awesome subwoofers!

anyone care to join?

Lol…sign me up. i’m writing the Book of Gaming now…gimme a couple of years

aiight, Prophet byronsim! bows

those mat salleh u see riding bikes are from LDS too right? i was actually involved in the new LDS church project. :lol:

Yeap, they sure are…I really admire their enthusiasm…

you mean the building? r u an architect?

no. i was working with one of the electrical contractor then. :lol:

ooh…icic…I wonder if there’s anyone on the forum that goes to the church?

i met with some of the people from the church like Elder Jensen, Joseph and others which i can;t recall their name. They are all very nice person. Im sure the church member will know them. :smiley:

hmm…Elder Jensen…sounds familiar but forgot from where…where are they from?

Elder Jensen is from States, Joseph from S’pore.

wow, u sure know alot about em…

we had a few meetings regarding the new church project. I still remember some time back, a mat salleh LDS church member walked up to me and ask whether i want to go heaven. i was like… :shock: (chinese interpret it as asking u to go die). :lol:

You were asking about the differences between the various churches. I found this site which gives a summary of the major differences between the LDS Church and most of the other churches. Most other churches based their belief on the bible only.