Last sunday evening

took some pics last sunday evening.I was on the way to take my car from the car park and suddently saw this.Luckily my camera with me so just snap some…

the pics were stitched with 3 combined pics using CS2,took me about 2 mins,hahaha,just simply do it one…relaxjack just told me panorama @ CS3 is much better…should give it a try,thank relaxjack…

why so small boss?
cant see at my lappie here…

i want it to be BIGGER too but too bad cant log in to photobucket…i just copy from Flickr just now,any recommendation for image hosting website?

Where is that place? And, yeah the pics’ on the small side…

ok,here come the bigger one…

ian it is somewhere beside Imperial Mall,open space car park.Sorry for the bad panorama,i just tested it with CS2,should get the CS3 instead… :smiley:

KV,it’s time to change to 17" LCD lappie oledi,hehee

I miss my 10-22mm,should got it back one day :wink:

Very nice stitch, even if it’s a quick job… .and you even captured a bird in flight!

Bird??? I thought is Air asia… :roll:

hehehe,if u guys see it clearly,actually u might be able to spot 4-5 birds inside the pic :wink:

my4to, you sponsor can ? hehe
nice pic :slight_smile:

Meeeooow! You see bird? I see food! Meeeoow…nice, nice pic!

You can see? With those shades, I thought you’re one blind cat! 8)

Meeeoow… Don’t yer think I look real cool with my shades, dude? Hi, yer one big ■■■■■, heard the latest about British work? Wanna go there together? Kinda thinking of changing my Yankee accent to Queen’s English…Meeeoww… :twisted: