Last 15 Active Topic; some suggestion to it

(GeminiGeek) #1

i like the way that the last 15 active topic is displayed on top of the page. BUT, i would prefer if clicking those link goes to the latest post of the topic, rather than going to the first post of the topic. I find it pretty annoying when I click on the active topic, then i have to click (again) on last page before i can read the latest post.

what do you think?

(Smallee) #2

sorry geminigeek… i think it is best to keep on how it is setup now… becoz it will give new user an idea on what we are talking about from the beginning till the latest post…some ppl will find it difficult if once they click on the link, it goes straight to the latest post and not knowing what is going on before…

no hard feeling but i think the best is wat we have now…tat’s from me… :smiley:

(Jackson Liaw) #3

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve been looking into this for quite some time already: show 15 latest topics, or 15 latest postings, or 15 latest topics with links to the latest posting within. But so far I’ve left it at showing only the latest 15 topics mainly because of like what smallee said: other readers walking in and saw this active topic would also like to know the whole discussion first and be able to participate in it by reading through from the beginning. Believe me, I myself also have a hard-time trying to catch-up with every single posts within this forum all the time. So my solution to this was simple, I utilize the RSS reader on our Miricom Toolbar - it checks every 5 minutes and progressively update & show me all the latest postings with direct links to it all within the toolbar itself. When I’m surfing on other sites or viewing pages on other tabs, it never fails indicate to me there are new postings in the forum. So if you feel that this might be what you need, then go ahead and try download & installing it on your browser. Currently it only supports IE and FF. Anything else I’m not sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jackson Liaw) #4

Hi everyone,

I did a quick hack on the ‘latest 15 topics’ to include a hyperlink to the latest post of the selected topic. Hope that helps. :smiley:

(HingAnnYouth) #5

I think it’s great! 8)

(kaito) #6

is it possible to increase the number of active topics list from 15 to 25 or 30 so that it will stay a bit longer on the list especially new topics and the potential reader will see and could reply on the topic, besides we already have 7412 registered members as when i write this post. :slight_smile: