ok so where to get a proper lasagna in miri?

pete’s deli? fratini’s should have it. eh bro ask your gf to make for u lah haha

^ Best post of the day.

Annie’s kitchen

Pete’s Delhi, Piasau Boat Club and Fratini’s definately the top three!

you don’t ask your girl friend to make lasagna…you ask your girl friend to make love…[/quote]

you can’t make love on a empty stomach, you need all the energy so Lagsana has all the love making nutrients you need hahaha

does citrus serve lasagna?

Sorry bro…not yet…most prob soon…Check out our upcoming promo…cheers

citrus, can u send me that image to be posted at MM? thanks

Ok bro…will send it to u soon…thanks

lol i would’ve asked the gf if she got an oven or whatever u use to make lasagna at her place. and i think raw materials for lasagna is expensive. guess ill check out pete’s deli one of these days :slight_smile: