Larry offers olive branch to ex-members, prepared to consider their return to PKR

MIRI: PKR Sarawak chief Larry Sng is calling on ex-party members to return to the party which he said is “growing stronger” with grassroots support intact and past leaders back in action.

In a Facebook post on Aug 19, he said the resignations within PKR Sarawak has ceased for some months and the party has been growing in strength.

Sng added that those that left would have to “start all over from the bottom in a new political organisation with a long queue of leaders before them”.

With a long queue of leaders before them, it would take them years before they reach any position of real influence, if they can survive till then, said Sng, who went on to elaborate that he had been told that some already regretted leaving PKR.

“ As MPN (state leadership council) chair, I am prepared to consider their return, subject to the approval of the central leadership council (MPP),” he said.

Sng, who is also Julau MP, disagreed with some political analysts that PKR was no longer a force to be reckoned with in the next state election following the departure of former state chief and Selangau MP, Baru Bian , Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin and Saratok MP Ali Biju.

Sng added that PKR have been very busy restructuring and formulating policies for the party and several notable past leaders have rejoined the party under his leadership.

Analysts have played down the impact of PKR in the next state election, pointing to the vacuum in the party left behind after Baru and his group left.

Baru, a seasoned native land rights champion, has now joined Parti Sarawak Bersatu as his new political platform, together with Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chew How who was sacked by the party in April this year.

Sng said there was no shortage of capable leaders as the party has welcomed back past leaders such as Harrison Ngau, Dominique Ng, Munan Laja, Paul Kadang and several others and registered over 1,000 new members in the span of four months.

He acknowledge that PKR may be the underdog but it was ready to put up a good fight in the state election.

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