Landslide cuts off Long Panai-Marudi Road

MIRI: Access to several longhouses and a secondary school in the Tutoh Apoh region in central Baram has been cut off for the past four days following a major rain-triggered landslide on May 11.

A Long Panai resident, when contacted yesterday, revealed that debris from fallen trees and soil continues to cover the Long Panai-Marudi timber road, which is the only road that connects Long Panai- including SMK Tutoh Apoh- with Marudi town.

“The news was published a few days ago, but as of today (yesterday) no one has come to help to clear the road.

“It is the only road that we can use to get to the nearest town, which is Marudi, by four-wheel drive vehicle,” he said.

He pointed out that the situation has not only affected folk at several longhouses, but also teachers and staff at a nearby clinic.

Most of them have to resort to using longboats to get to Marudi.

“Here, one gallon of petrol costs us RM14. A return trip from Long Panai to Marudi by longboat needs at least 10 gallons depending on the size of boats used.

“It is very costly, but the teachers and the staff at the clinic have no choice but to fork out that much money just to get their rations,” he explained.

Other than that, he said teachers who have courses or school-related matters in Miri or Marudi are also badly affected since the only road and cheapest means for them to get to these places is now impassable.

“We want the authorities concerned to clear the debris. Otherwise most of us, including the teachers, will not be able to make it back for the Gawai holidays in few weeks’ time,” he added.

On another note, the resident said recent heavy rain has also caused the SMK Tutoh Apoh’s football field to be flooded, resulting in a disruption to the children’s co-curriculum activities.

Although the school’s new building is now located on higher ground, its field remains on low ground and causes it to be often submerged in the event of heavy rain.

Source: The Borneo Post

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