Land Surveyor | Samling Group of Companies

Job responsibilities:-
• To establish survey markers, find and locate existing Survey markers.
• To carry out loop check and transfer/ establish Temporary Benchmark (TBM) to new location.
• To carry out survey work as required for all phase of construction, before, during and after construction.
• To prepare As built drawing and submit to client.
• To review and extract data/ coordinate from drawings/ survey report.
• To prepare and submit survey report for record purpose.
• To supervise and coordinate with all parties at site to ensure project work meets required specifications and complete within timeline.

Job requirements:-
• Diploma or Bachelor degree in Land Surveying, Civil Engineering or any related disciplines.
• At least 3 years’ work experience in land surveying works.
• Possess work experience and exposure to gas pipeline projects or any other civil work in rural areas will be an added advantage.
• Willingness to travel to the camp sites/ rural areas for land surveying work.