Location : Pujut 2 (Just beside highway) good for business.
Land Points : 30+

Interested parties please PM me.

30+ points = how many acres?

1/4 of 1 acres

bump !

100 point = 1 acre


shane… what about if sell?

PM me the price if selling ok… :wink:


shane, the one at your office one ha?/

B U M P !!

not my office la… the one rite beside my office

rent land for what?


bump !

Can rent for a day or not ?

long term only, btw what you gonna do with it for a day?

Admin/mods kindly lock/delete this thread. TQ

Not yet lock n not yet delete this post :slight_smile:


that land for sale? or just for rent? pls advice the price if for sale.

Hi Shane, do the land owner want to sell it? If yes how much per point. PM me ya