Land clearing at Miri Bypass will be for housing?

(whatman) #1

Is the land clearing along the Miri Bypass is meant for new housing project? If so who is the developer?

(nckiong) #2

For building “bypass” to Permyjaya :slight_smile:

(gorshan) #3

Miri Bypass is the best place for a massive housing project in Miri and to support economy of Miri town if town planners has wished it so. instead you have factories, work-shops, padang golf and scattering of few houses. hmmmmn…where is local govt brains …

(MetalHead) #4

No matter what development there is in Miri, mcnet members would somehow always disagree. heh. And let’s not forget the inevitable government bashing.

(MonkeyKing) #5

Its construction of lots of new shophouses on both sides of the bypass road entrance to Miri Hospital.

(whatman) #6

Wah…as if Miri don’t have enough shop houses already.

(allokitty) #7

Been patrolling around a lot this season , here latest updates about Miri bypass bridges:


(Keong1) #8

I’m looking to invest in some shophouses…
how is the area?

looks like swampland!