**Lampe Berger Essential Oil Cheap Stock Clearance**

Hi all ,




[size=150]First of all , I’m not doing networking or recruiting here ( please don’t flame me ) , I’m just selling essential oils to users rather than they get it @ Retail price Retail price per 1L is $244 as in 2009 , these are leftover stocks , 100 % original and wont burn you or your house down or cause Cancer( rumor ) and please do not complain it is expensive , when you use at home or office or in the car , everyone can enjoy the scent + you don’t have to light it the whole day , so it will last you quite sometime. Its weird sometimes if i sell cheap they said its fake stuff , when i sell at $150 or $180 they said its too expensive although its original so its quite hard to deal sometimes. Hope you understand. I have sold 30-40 bottles to a buyer in Sibu and i know its pretty costly , so I’m willing to share 50% of the total shipping amount. I expect no scammers and money has to be deposited in advance.Tracking code will be provided and Pos Laju is trusted. I will upload the Receipt and Send it to you online with the name and address with full details.

Items for sale : Essential oil 1L ( sorry I’m with 1 unit 2L Oceane and 1 unit 2L Apple Only )

Expiry date : none

Dealing method: Pos Laju takes within 1-2 days ( usually one day to Sibu )

Shipping Costs : I will bear 50% of the total amount of shipping costs…

Reason for selling : Stock leftovers.

Location : KL/IPOH

Hp: 012-5255990 ( Winston )

MSN : pm me

Oils for Sale :

Pommes Du Verger ( apple )
The Vert ( green tea )
Rose de Iris
Vent D’Oceane

Price RM90 each ( non negotiable )
Promotion get 10 bottles with one free bottle Total 11 bottles…Only while stocks last.

If there are any questions, kindly call my mobile or email me at : minochioo@gmail.com


it is nice, I am the buyer bought from u before
thank you for the good oil!!!

Thank you for your support Jacky :mrgreen:

no thank winoui,
here i want to said is this is 100% real
normal price last time i bought from sarawak is RM130~175,…that time i consider it is cheap. (ORIGINAL PRICE IS RM244)
After i know this guy winoui, i bought from him RM95 per litre, really save a lot, and the stock is perfect!

Hi, i m Elainna~Can u keep all a bottle of 1L Lavender, Pyrethre, Vent D’Oceane & Eucalyptus. i wil bank in at Friday nite. After i Bank in i will PM u my Address.
Plus RM 20 for postage right?

hi elainnaliu, I bought from him also, nice services, nice people!
nice stock!!!

[quote=“elainnaliu”]Hi, i m Elainna~Can u keep all a bottle of 1L Lavender, Pyrethre, Vent D’Oceane & Eucalyptus. i wil bank in at Friday nite. After i Bank in i will PM u my Address.
Plus RM 20 for postage right?[/quote]

Ok Elainna , will reserve for you the 4 bottles…hear from you then. Thanks for your support :smiley:

Hi jackywong, i thk so 2~ is quite long i stop using tis kind of oil becuz of it price so expensive nw~ if i hv more $ i wan buy some more 2 keep stock 4 myself~

Jacky collects them , i sold 30-40 bottles to him , hes from Sibu…

i am from sibu, sarawak
I am using streamyx…as i know winoui is using 3G broadband how to say same ip leh
and i am sarawak people, speak fuk chow, u can call me 013 839 1987

Hi elainnaliu, it is really good product from lampe berger, i have used it before, same as u the reason stop using is too expensive. Now i bought 30~40 bottles, so i keep it can use for a long time~~ really thanks winoui to give me a good price~ Tomorrow thursday he gonna send me 5 bottles again~

this is proved that winoui sent me the oil, and he is the best online seller since i met…

Hi Winoui, sorry i hv 2 reply u so late. cuz i was working outside of town with out covarage of 3G Broadband~ the essential oil u send 2 me last Saturday already arrived on Monday. I asked my mum 2 check 4 me the oil u send, it was in perfect condition. Thks very much~ u r the best :slight_smile:

Glad you received the stocks too , was a lil worried haha…Thanks for your support Elainna… :smiley:

yeah, he is the king of oil

bought mine for RM150 2L lavandoranger and oceane, maybe stock clearance. bottle doesnt look the same like yours.

the one i have now is the new packaging… …maybe yours is from the old production

yeah old bottle have 2 litre

Hai, Winoui is me again~ha…ha…wanna thank u 4 the gives u send 2gether wit da oil tat day… :smiley: by da way jz wanna ask do u sale estebel stock or nt? 8)

hey elaina , glad you like the oils…yes i sell estebel stocks…