Laku/Laku Contractor doing bad job

Ok… this is what happen to me & my company van.

Last saturday, LAKU contractor dick a hole infront of my house to do some piping work for my new neighbor (the house is still on construction). I warn them to do it properly that day. After they done their pipping they refill it using stones & soil only, promising they will come back to fill it with TAR (those material where they use to make road, correct me if i’m wrong.)

and guess what happen? after a heavy rain on tuesday. the hole got loosen. I didn’t realize about it. So after i reach home from my work. The van i’m driving stuck into the hole.

I called LAKU & scolded them about this matter. so the next day, Wednesday morning (18.04.07) they come & refill the hole with SIMEN!!! which is totally wrong!!! They should refill it with TAR. or whatever it is to make road. They use SIMEN!!! this is totally wrong. So i called up LAKU again. Ask them to fix it again.

really pissed me off… haizz… :evil: :evil: :evil: