Lahad Datu: Man in torture video not a member of Malaysian s

Just upload for discussion. Video file just uploaded

where is that video then?

I thought thats in Thailand.

Alleged Sabah torture video uploaded on Internet, Malaysia warns vs ‘false’ videos
…many who viewed the video titled “Malaysian Police Abuse in Sanah (sic),” which was posted on YouTube March 7two days after security forces started an offensive in Lahad Datu, voiced doubt over its authenticity.

“Malaysian authorities Killed and Torture Sabah Innocents citizen!” read the caption on the video uploaded by “Nilo Aniversario.”

As of 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, the video has had 1,516 views, two likes and 26 dislikes.

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i think i know which video… its not malaysian or thai’s. its mexican

i managed to trace the video source. it was uploaded on 24th Feb 2013 at a website which also contain other 22 execution videos (i dont remember the exact link). i have snapshot of this web, but it doesnt capture the full web addres.

you still can google for ‘ejecucion texcoco de-mora decapitedo’ which will link to a blog this blog only show this video.

sadly people still fooling around with this kind of news and spreading false info. we are still in third world mentality.

i hate misleading post and video by fatgoat…uhuhu

[quote=“BlackHyppo”]i hate misleading post and video by fatgoat…uhuhu[/quote]

Hi All, any comment about this video?

i can confirm as per my earlier post, its mexican. the video was not there earlier.

this is the video website:

it is the one on top right

video link:

see the date it was posted ‘Added Feb 24, 2013 at 5:44 am’

Hi all,

I am locking this topic up because there is nothing to discuss here.

The video show confirmed not happen in Lahad Datu or anywhere in Malaysia.