Ladies Accessories to LET OFF - 1 lum sum RM10k

I’m not selling things here, but just to bring up the news to everyone who is interested. So, dun ban me ah…

We have products ranging from Top to Toe, except clothes. Means we have laddies accessories, from Hair Clips to Earrings to Necklace to Bracelet to Nail Polish to Socks and also Bags and Wallets. Misc, we have also handphone decorators .

Why do we want to let off? Cos we are tired , lame excuse? No, truely, we used to be partner doing this kind of business but somehow, time limitation, we are busy and cannot look after the business. Giving opportunity to others is not a bad idea, am i right?

HOW MUCH? I’m talking about LET OFF which means that one Lum Sum. Not asking you to buy one by one o~ haha… I really meant it if you really want to invest in such a business. I mean small business la. RM10K only. If you want to negotiate, i think can la, but have to ask my partner first.

Especially for young investor, this is a good chance for u to earn money. Low cost, but earn more.

If you are interested, you can contact me at MC. Yeah, i’ll reply u, I dun think its convenient for me to put on my number here.

Seriously, our products are not that bad. Perhaps most of you have seen it before. Where? PM me to know more lar. Thank you!