Labuan Malay Chamber Channels Zakat To Poor Families In 9 Villages

LABUAN, June 12 (Bernama) — The Labuan Chamber of Malay Entrepreneurs (Duml) today channelled ‘zakat’ contribution to poor families in nine villages here in conjunction with Ramadan.

The contribution in the form of essential items such as cash, rice and sugar were personally handed out to 40 families in Kg Sungai Miri, Kg Sungai Lada, Kg Sungai Buton, Kg Layang-Layangan, Kg Lubok Temiang, Kg Pohon Batu, Kg Gersik, Kg Saguking and Kg Bukit Kuda.

“The presentation was made ‘right at the door step’ of the families after taking into consideration their state of health and their inability to come to any contribution programme,” Duml president Datuk Seri Mohd Alias Abd Rahman told Bernama here today…..

Source: Bernama

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