Kudos to PAKK Permyjaya for voluntary aid to children

MIRI: The Children Activity Centre (PAKK) of Permyjaya won recognition as the ‘Most Active Welfare Department (JKM) Volunteer 2016 for Children’ category in the state.

They won the title during the Sarawak Welfare Department Conference and JKM Volunteer Awards Ceremony 2016 in Kuching last week.

Assistant Minister of Land and Air Transportation and Safety Datuk Lee Kim Shin, on behalf of JKM, presented the award to PAKK Permyjaya during an Appreciation Dinner for PAKK Permyjaya in Mega Hotel on Saturday.

Lee, who is also Assistant Minister of Tourism, in his address encouraged members of public to participate actively in voluntary work to complement government efforts in developing a caring society.

“Living in a community, the element of a caring society is important to create a harmonious atmosphere in a residential area. Such voluntary spirit is needed to assist the government in addressing community issues related to disasters such as flood, fire, and landslide.”

He said although the Welfare Department is entrusted with the task, the responsibility should not borne entirely by JKM as people in a community should share the commitment.

“The JKM does not have enough manpower to cover all the welfare needs throughout the state.

“That’s why the department appointed community leaders and trained members of public as volunteers.

“It is important for them to play their roles proactively, otherwise the notion of having a voluntary team at grassroots level would be meaningless.”

On PAKK Permyjaya, Lee urged NGOs and other associations to support the centre by holding activities to keep children away from dabbling in social ills.

He was especially concerned with the increasing number of children getting entangled in under-age sex and illegitimate pregnancy, neglect and abuse.

He thus announced his total support to the centre which established a Children Protection Team (PPKK) under the Welfare Department.

The centre provided support services in the form of prevention and gave shelter to young victims as well as to motivate and educate the victim’s family.

Activities include courses held for the local community, recreational and sport events and tuition class for poor children.

Also present was Miri Welfare officer Nurin Changgat.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/10/30/kudos-to-pakk-permyjaya-for-voluntary-aid-to-children/