Kuching Christmas Parade 2015

A fun parade if this is your thing … kids would likely love it;

Methodist Church have been organising Kuching Christmas Parade in Kuching City since 2007. It is now an annual event in Kuching City which is participated by Christians from all churches in Kuching. Last year, more than 8000 persons participating in the Parade.


Oh wow this looks amazing! I will have to check this out sometime. I will be too late to see it for my first visit. Maybe next year!

Miri Christmas parade will be on this 5th of December at CITY FAN, Miri.

will start at 5pm to 10 pm. if you are , please join the celebration.

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Miri has been having its very own yearly Xmas parade since 5 years or so ago with various churches all around Miri participating.
The Roman Catholic Church is the organiser this year.

Cool, thanks for all the extra info.

Anyone have any pictures from the event?

Britanica; heres some of the photo that happen on Saturday. :relaxed:

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Thank you for the pictures. It would seem that people were already there early whilst the sun was still at its height. Good spirit.

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Great shots! I love the tree. I wish I had gone this year! I went a few years ago and it is very beautiful :smile:

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Thank you. Just using hp snap snap here, snap snap there… not special train :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like an italian christmas tree.

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