Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

I saw there is a Bangkok INTERNATIONAL Motor Show post here. So someone should also start one with KLiMS 2010.

I was at the motor show on 3rd and 8th. Was hoping that could see some nice car, especially some Porsches. More accurately, Porsche SPEEDSTER 2010! But was quite disappointing since there is only Panamera. So I ended up with more photos of showgirls than the machines. Less talk, more photos!

  1. Toyota FT-HS
  2. Showgirls from Lexus
  3. Thailand showgirl from Thailand
  4. Representative from borneo! Kadazan showgirl
  5. This should be nice especially in places like KL





11. Old school scooter, Vespa brought in by Naza. Should’ve waited the guy move out from the frame.


13. Chevrolet’s showgirl



16. Mutiara M7 “Godzilla”

17. How could we miss out proton’s beauty

I guess it’s all for now. Please critique and comment. And http://www.flickr.com/photos/victor_ng/sets/72157625524729178/ is the entire gallery. Please do leave some words there to so that I can improve.

Thanks for viewing!

  1. Stella Matilda- If I am not mistaken, she is quite famous in Sabah. She’s a Kadazan anyway.
  2. Afterall it’s motorshow, how could they miss out this big brother- Harley Davidson with cutie on it

21. Kia Sorento




25. Mutiara M7 R35 Titan Muffler

26. Which one to choose? Take both!

27. Perodua Benza Concept

Thanks for viewing. Please critique and comment. Thank you!

a very good start, with a Toyota. too many babes but i like. what is an autoshow without babes. :mrgreen:

wait wait… too many babes??? erm, know what… it’s because there are too little interesting cars that caught my attention… so the babes actually caught my attention more… haha… yea, i like the ft-hs… it’s cool… that’s why for that, no babe for that even though there is one standing just beside it…

thanks anyway… :smiley:

Perodua what?

Oh girls…they are all so cute…

2nd time to KLIMS after 7 years… nothing much changed… production cars, protoypes… and for malaysian, its all about taking picture of the girls … im not saying to TS, but that what i saw during KLIMS, and even in LRT… saw a guy talking to his friend about the KLIMS, and scrolling pics in his hp… wah… all girls only, no car pic haha

more girl pics! eh car pics. :oops: :lol:

TS… how come no plotong cars??

best thing was the batmobile…it failed so badly rotflmao

totally false advertisement… i read it in air asia in flight mag a week before and felt so excited as i know will be travelling to kl again during the period… when reach hall 4, from far you can tell its a total fake… from polystyrene i think… feel want to sepak or burn the thing already haha dem… luckily big size bumblebee and camaro transformers were there.

nobody even bother queing up to take pic with that kertas batmobile! kasi free pun nobody want i think

don’t tell me u don’t like them. :mrgreen:

can… ask for their hp num, invite for a dinner and setup your ‘trap’. :lol: