KPDNHEP: Keep prices of controlled items under ceiling rate

Joe Azmi (right), accompanied by a sales supervisor at Emart Riam, conducts price checks on whole chickens, which are among 16 items gazetted under KPDNHEP’s Chinese New Year Price Control Scheme – in force until Feb 16.

MIRI: Traders are warned against setting the prices of 16 items gazetted under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP)’s Chinese New Year Price Control Scheme to be above the set ceiling.

The scheme is in force until this Feb 16.

The ceiling retail prices for the gazetted items are as listed: live chicken at RM6.70 per kilogramme (kg); standard chicken – complete with head, feet, liver and gizzard – at RM8.50/kg; super chicken (without head, feet, liver and gizzard) at RM9.50/kg; Grade A eggs at RM0.39 each; Grade B eggs at RM0.38 each; Grade C eggs at RM0.37 each; imported cabbage (Indonesia and China, excluding Beijing) at RM4/kg; red chillies at RM20/kg; tomatoes at RM7/kg; garlic at RM8/kg; imported China potatoes at RM3.50/kg; white pomfret (weighing between 200g and 400g per fish) at RM40/kg; large white prawns at RM35/kg; pork belly at RM19.50/kg; pork (lean and with fat) at RM18.50/kg; and live pig (wholesale price only) at RM10/kg.

“Based on our inspection today (yesterday) on Emart Riam, we found out that the prices of items under the CNY Price Control Scheme are below the ceiling price.

“The KPDNKK wishes to remind traders not to simply increase the prices of any of these 16 items; otherwise, stern action would be taken against them,” said KPDNHEP Miri chief Joe Azmi Jamil when met after leading his team for a price-check operation on Emart Riam here yesterday.

According to him, the ministry is authorised under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 324) to issue compound to anyone found to be flouting the standard operating procedures (SOP), set to curb spread of Covid-19.

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