Korea-Jeju Trip (added pics 29.08.09)

Korea…A country that I never thought of visiting there.

Recently I decided to join one of the travel agency in Kuching so that I can enjoy the journey without thinking of stuffs like hotels,transport,place of interest…

Day 1: We departed from Kuching International Airport @1840, heading to Singapore Changi International Airport.

At the Immigration & Health Terminal…

Taking SkyTrain to departure hall

Departure hall…

Free internet access

Some duty-free shops

Outside departure hall

Day 2: Then, we fly to ShangHai Pudong International Airport @0055. It took about 5 hours to arrive there. After having breakfast at airport, we had a session of foot massage (included in package) before leaving.

ShangHai Pudong International Airport

We are taking flight MU5037 to Jeju @1050

This is the plane…China Eastern

The flight took about 1 hour+ to arrive Jeju and we arrived @1310 (Korean time 1 hour faster than Malaysia).

Jeju International Airport

Tourist information counter…

Then, we had lunch before going to the 1st destination in the schedule— Jeju Mysterious Road.


changi, incheon & hk airport can be considered wonders of the world.

also anyone have any idea why that king fahd international airport at saudi arabia is larger than the whole of singapore?

which international airport sells the duty free stuff cheapest?

Nice Post :slight_smile:
Wait for next series. More Pic Please.

Day 2: Our first destination after arrived in Jeju Island is Mysterious Road.

What interesting is, on Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road), a parked car on a slight hill road rolls uphill instead of going down hill.

This is a result of an optical illusion in which the lower part looks higher because of its surrounding environment.

Next, we went to Yongdu-am ().

“Yongduam”, a rock showing a writhing dragon with a grudge. Yongdu-am itself shows a roaring dragon which is about to ascend from the sea.

When the day is windy and waves are strong, itll make you feel like a dragon is going spiraling up to the sky. With 30 meters of the body submerged, the 10 meter high tall rock will cast a spell if you steadily gaze it at sunset.

The big rock…

Yongdu-am (

Jeju Island’s Symbol : Harubang (or in Mandarin )

Panoramic view of Yongdu-am

Then we went to spa @ Yongdu-am Sea water Spa, just nearby the Yongdu-am.

This is the first time I tried the spa, and for the first time also I naked in front of the people. You know la…you need to take off your clothes in order to do spa.

After spa, we went to Jeju’s Underground Market (). It is built underground, has a few street with shops selling all kinds of goods including clothes.

By the way, the things there really expensive as our guide said the goods all are coming from Seoul. So it is cheaper in Seoul for the same item.

Just passing by…, located beside .

A few photos taken while in the bus.

Bus stop.

It’s dinner time. This time steamboat also, with the main dish is pork!

Outside the restaurant. Very cool when I took this
photo…although it is summer’s evening.

After dinner, we went back to Jeju Pacific Hotel.
Night view of Jeju’s street.

Day time of Jeju’s street.

Korean houses.

Take a picture in the lobby…beautiful lights

nice trip. overall hw much u spent on this trip? the airfares & stuffs…

Day 3: Early in the morning after having breakfast, we went to Seongsan Ilchulbong/Sunrise Peak ().

The crater of Sunrise Peak consists of 99 rock peaks along its rim that look as if they are escorting the crater and forming a castle. For that reason, the basin was considered to be holy, and itwas named “Seongsan” which literally means holy mountain. The view of the sunrise here is truly remarkable.

Seongsan Ilchulbong/Sunrise Peak ()

Panoramic view 1…

Panoramic view 2…

View of seaside from the mountain…

There are few shops at foot of the mountain that selling chocolates, crafts, harubang…We bought lots of chocolates there.

Jeju’s symbols…Harubang For SALE…

Harubang For SALE…

Next stop is Seopjikoji (), one of the most scenic views with the bright yellow canola and Seongsan Sunrise Peak as a backdrop.

The pristine beauty of Jeju can be seen in Seopji-koji. Sinyang Beach, a meadow filled with canola flowers, peacefully grazing Jeju ponies, a rocky sea cliff, and a towering legendary large rock (Sunbawe) all combine to make natures masterpiece. Unlike the other coastal areas of Jeju, it has red volcanic rock (songi) and strangely-shaped rocks that at low tide transform this area into a breath-taking stone exhibition gallery.

Legend of Seopji Koji
Legend has it that nymphs used to bathe at Seopji Koji. One day, the youngest son of the King of Heaven saw the nymphs and begged his father to arrange a marriage. The king promised him to do that if he waited for 100 days. The nymph did not show up on the 100th day because of wild waves and gusts of wind. The king told his son that his dedication was not good enough to move Heaven. The sorrowful son then became a rock, standing upright at Seopji Koji.

Map of Jeju Island…

View of Seopjikoji …

There are something that hanging at seaside…You guess what is it?

It’s squid/ Sotong !!!

It’s a church, no doubt…really beautiful. Entrance fee is needed anyway…

On the way heading to next station, we passed by a rape farm (). The scene is very beautiful, coloured by yellow colour. But you have to pay Korean WON 1000 (= RM3) if you want to take picture inside the farm.

Rape farm ()…

nice~ makes me wana go korea too…

oh…i went with travel agency…nearly RM4000 i spent :shock:

hi… may i know wat type of camera u r using? seems like very good huh…

Ya so clear the picture., ya wats the brand of your camera ? and how much u spend your trip to korea?

i am using canon eos 5ood

OH… i tot of buying that camera too… but i m not so good in photographing… how much did u buy it?

bought in kuching RM3500 with kit lens

how much u pay for travel agency?


3 day for 3800 per person ar?

haha…no lar…tats for 9D7N :smiley:

not bad. RM3,800 for 9D7N which is kinda reasonable. haha. nice trip anyway. i’m planning to go Seoul end of this year.

wilson, may I know which travel agency you get this package from… attractive offers.