Knitting a scarf

I’m in need of advice for before/during/after the process of knitting a scarf.

Can anyone offer advice on:
(1) what I need to know before knitting
(2) what I need to use for knitting
(3) any recommended shops with acceptable price for things in (2)

before knitting, must make sure what type of knitting you want to do, there are 2 types that people usually do, knitting and crochet.

for first timer I recommend you to do crochet cause easier to do and fix the mistakes you did during the process. Just type in knitting and crochet in google then you will found a lot of related information, but I suggest you to buy a few books as references and ask who ever know to do this to teach you in person, cause you sure will face a lot of problems when you do it.

for the materials you can go to Ng Siang Hap at Piasau there, the shop is just before the wooden bridge to go to Piasau Camp/ beside Sing Yang HQ, it’s in the stationary side, E-mart there also got one shop selling the material, or the shops behind the bus terminal at the city, there are 2 shops selling the materials.

1 yarn ball are sell at the price of RM1.20, for the thick yarn is RM3.00, usually for a scarf you need at least 10 (thin)yarn balls. Make up your mind what colour and the portion (for mix colour, but not recommended for first timer also, just do monotone )you like before you went to the shop to buy. Just ask the shop keeper to pick the knitting needle for you cause it’s in various sizes.

knitting needles:

crochet hook with thin yarn:

crochet hook with thick yarn:

love to learn knitting as well… :wink: