Klang bak kut teh

hi thre…

anyone here go try the Klang Bak kut teh already?at emart area…

i try alrdy last week and not bad the service…a bit cheaper if compare with the Suncity area bak kut teh…so far until now miri really lack of good and nice bak kut teh…i still prefer KK bak kut teh…yum yum…hahaha

I still prefer the old Good taste Bak kut teh, when they were still at krokop.

Some info can be obtained at http://www.makanmaniacs.com

Do I smell a discount coming up?

VIncool, the BKT good ah? to me the BKT in miri is really bad. I mean not enough herbs, then the soup so light aiyoyo… Hmm. maybe i go try this weekend liao hehe

Agreed. I went to the one next to Telang Usan hotel at the seahorse roundabout on the way to morsjaya last week. The dish came hot-hot but I did not smell strong herbs and it had very3 little taste of herbs! :o

hehe…other people honey is other people poison lo…haha…u need to try it urself then u give ur comment here…for me is ok…price also ok…cheaper than the Good Taste at suncity…
many seats also…and fast service…got one stall at boulevard area thre but last 2 weeks i wen close…duno why…i like it thre…enough herb and portion also…

let me know later if u try this klang OK? ^ ^

I went there twice already. probably because i live nearby :slight_smile:
well if u ask me, the bkt was okay but less herbs…it costs rm9 for 1 person.quite cheap la compared to Good taste
so overall, 3/5 for me.

Good news! Now you can try it at 40% off!


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Bak Kut Teh Promotion back again!


Vincool, lai lai We go try tonight!! i wun try the promo yet, cos wanna try normal and then after that if good i try the promo wanna see the difference. hehehe

Good thinking buddy! Suppport!

no worries i sure support you bro! wait i go check ur website to look for more bargains. hehe

…and the “GroupASave Customer Of The Year” Award goes to…

drum roll
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crowd stands up and cheers while clapping like mad, goes hysteria and almost half the crowd faints just like a Michael Jackson concert scene