KL Air Ticket offer


My fren wan to sell off her 2 ways air ticket because not able to go KL. Date : 14 Dec - 20 Dec 07. Interested ppl pls pm me. Tnx

no need to PM la… sell faster… :wink:

yea, its right :slight_smile:

Hi sakura… Welcome to MC, gud luck on yer sales :lol: :smiley:

Sakura… sorry… my sentences not finish yet…hehe…

Sell faster if you drop in the price… :wink:

Good luck on the sell…

Tnx av one. The price is Rm330

if change name need to add charges izzit?

ya. my fren said pernalty 50 but my fren will cover that. if really interested the leave ur contact. i ask my fren directly contact u for more detailed infor

still available? what the best price? only 1 ticket ?

Hi, sorry late reply. the ticket been sold