Kittens for adoption

Three kitties for adoption! Age is about 8-9 weeks. Not too sure bout the sex of the kittens.
Do inquire more if interested! :slight_smile:

i want… aiyo… but now im in btu… got work here… how???

hi…where r this cats?miri?

cute… blue contact lens summore. :smiley:

Kitten usually got blue but I’m not mistaken once they grew up, eyes will change color.

cute! wat type of kittens? naughty or not? hehe

hi…in case u didnt notice me.those cats are still available o not for adoption?if its in to pm me ur address…i wud love to adopt them up…

awww…so scruffy but so cute…

got this info here…

“Eye color starts to change at about 3 weeks of age although early handling can speed this slightly.”

haha. its news to me. after more than 10 years of living with cats.

hehehe…it’s ok.we learn new thngs everyday…life is about learning anyway…

hello. so sorry the kittens are all given away already :frowning:

izzit? that’s gud news.hope they’re happy in their new home :wink: