KINGSTON V Series SSD, 128GB V Series 2.5" SATA SSD @ RM540

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Budget/Performance SSD for Sale ~ Boosting Your PC/Laptop Performance!

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[size=150]SSDNow V Series Drive[/size]
128GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5" = RM540
128GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5" w/Bundled Desktop Upgrade Kit = RM550!!


      o Performance  enhances productivity; makes users more efficient
      o Innovative  2.5" form factor; uses NAND flash memory components.
      o Silent  Runs silent and cool with no moving mechanical parts
      o Reliable  less likely to fail than a standard hard drive
      o Shock Resistant  No moving mechanical parts so the SSD handles rougher conditions.
      o Supports S.M.A.R.T.  Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology tells the user when a drive is about to fail
      o Guaranteed  3 year legendary Kingston warranty, 24/7 tech support
      o Capacity*  128GB
      o Storage Temperatures  -40C to 85C
      o Operating temperatures  0C to 70C
      o Vibration Operating  2.17G (7800Hz)
      o Vibration Non-Operation  20G (202000Hz)
      o Sequential Speed** 
              128GB  Up to 100MB/sec. read; 70MB/sec. write
      o PCMARK Vantage Advanced HDD Suite Score+ 
              128GB  10,580
      o Power Specs 128GB  Active: 2.5W (TYP)  Sleep: 0.45W (TYP)
      o Life expectancy  1 million hours mean time before failure


Adding an SSD to a desktop already using a standard hard disk drive is a smart and efficient way to upgrade. Transferring the operating system and applications from the HDD to the SSD allows the SSD to be used as a bootable drive that takes full advantage of the Flash-based technology. The SSD and the HDD then co-exist to drive optimal performance in the upgraded desktop

For notebooks, SSDNow drives are a perfect replacement for hard drives resulting in faster, more reliable performance. Making this change will improve a notebook’s efficiency in a wide range of tasks, from booting up to running the most robust operating system and demanding applications.

SSDNow uses a standard SATA interface but, unlike a regular HDD, SSD is very rugged and built with no moving parts, making it ideal for power users and road warriors who push the limits of their notebooks. Other benefits include reduced power usage, less noise and less heat generation.

Kingston’s SSDNow V Series offers performance gains and power consumption reductions at a fraction of the cost of a new system. For added peace of mind, they’re backed by 24/7 tech support, a three-year warranty and legendary Kingston reliability.

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3 Years Warranty for Kingston SSD. I can help you claim Free Of Charge(F.O.C) for 1st year. Official receipt will be Issued.

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