Kindness project gains momentum

KUCHING: The #StandTogether National Kindness Week movement is still going strong in Sarawak and Sabah, with students from several schools here volunteering to organise “Kindness Projects”.

Children as young as four gathered at SJK Chung Hua Kim Choo Seng, Kuching, to learn how to be kind to one another yesterday, making scrapbooks to commemorate the lessons they learned about kindness.

The school’s efforts were recognised by the #StandTogether campaign as one of the five best primary school projects, and awarded with a RM1,000 grant from #StandTogether co-organisers R.AGE and SP Setia.

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Aside from making scrapbooks, students and teachers organised kindness-themed performances, writing competitions and activities throughout National Kindness Week (April 1-5), which helped students learn about kindness and responsibility through fun activities.

Principal Tay Kui Choo, who helped lead the activities, believes that fun kindness activities is the best way to teach children.

“If you tell a child to sit down and learn, they will not want to, so we must use other techniques to teach them and make it fun for the students,” said Tay.

“When you feel good about doing something, you can get things done. But if you aren’t happy, you won’t want to and that is why we created these activities.”

In Miri, SMK Chung Hwa’s dedicated sixth form created a whopping 10 Kindness Projects in order to encourage a more positive school environment, and they were also selected for the #StandTogether grant funding.

“All of us have a responsibility to make our community a better place,” said Denise Vim, 19.

“I’m already 19 years old, and I feel like I haven’t done anything to contribute to the community. So I thought, ‘This is the year (I can contribute)’, and I can do it with my friends.”

Both Sarawak schools received a celebrity visit from singer/songwriter Nik Qistina, who was blown away by the kindness she could see being practised in both schools.

“I loved the kindness scrapbooks and when I talk to the kids,they told me that they have personally done some of the kind acts in their scrapbook, like helping teachers carry heavy things if they see the teacher struggling,” she said.

“So I feel that the kids are really learning that respect and kindness can bring you a warm feeling and they told me how happy they feel when they have done something kind.”

The #StandTogether campaign has seen thousands of primary and secondary students around the country organising kindness projects throughout National Kindness Week.

Tomorrow, schools in Sabah will be showcasing their Kindness Projects when #StandTogether ambassador Ann Osman visits SMK Sanzac in Kota Kinabalu and SMJK Chung Hwa in Tenom.

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In addition to the activities in schools, over 6,000 Malaysians have signed up for the interactive Kindness Challenge on WhatsApp. Participants received a new “Kindness Mission” every morning, and had 24 hours to complete it to unlock a special surprise.

The campaign is endorsed by the Education Ministry, which has encouraged all schools to observe the first week of April as National Kindness Week.

The #StandTogether campaign will culminate in a free Kindness Concert on May 4, 2019 at Setia City Convention Centre 2, an event for all to stand together in celebration of a kinder Malaysia. Go to for more details.