Kick @$$ (Movie)

Another comic based super hero movie coming out next year:

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training.

The movie is said to heavilly mimic the violence from the original comic. Looks like fun.

cool man…how bout Spawn? heard they planning on another movie…more violence n blood…

owh…yeah…i like Spawn…it been a decade since the 1st movie…

p/s: i wonder if they gonna make Spawn vs Batman?

A new “TV Friendly” trailer, which doesn’t show the cursing, swearing and gore that’s actually in the movie:

And the not so child friendly Hit Girl trailer:

In the comic Kick-Ass, the girl is actually younger than how she is portrayed in the movie but still as ruthless and violent.

I’m going to see it in a non-censored DVD.