KFC free burger ?/

Anyone in Miri tried this ? Cheapskate people can buy bun RM0.55 and get 1 set lol

KFC Malaysia fb already remove it liao :smiley:

just call kfc satok, they say no receive e-mail from HQ and need to wait for branch marketing personnel to decide. In fact, the stocks only available for short term

read in lowyat forum, everyone queuing up now to get the free burger, some even had provided prove of receipt saying it legit. all saying just buy 1 bun for RM0.55 to get this few meal… too bad i not in miri now, if not later after work sure goes over buy

Miri all kfc say no such thing, or saying only peninsular got offer…wtf i got cheated and had to paid my dinner thr…haha

free? O.O