Kembara: Where to send for repaint?

I am planning to repaint my Kembara and get some fancy design on it. Any idea where to do that in Miri?

My colleague send his to workshop at taman tunku. very reasonable price for their workmanship. but fancy2 design one not sure got or not

go BAO SHENG WELDING & RESPRAYING WORKSHOP, location Piasau industrial Lot 1952, BLk 3, call: 019-8547090, my brother discount ka.for Xmas.heheheh

Thanks Jane. I’ll keep that number handy once I have the budget… err how much will it cost to paint (metallic White) a Kembara?

Uchu… wat type of Design u r talking about?

Smallee, do you have any design that we can choose? Preferrable with a white base and looks sporty.

design = bodykit?

kembara? go for VIP style la… change ur rims 1st then kits…