Kapit Chinese asked to fully support Nanta

(From left) Sia, Pemanca Yong, Jamit, Kong, Wong, Edward, Yong, Sng and organising chairperson Kong Siew Kim cut the ribbon to mark the start of the function.

KAPIT: The Chinese community here has been reminded to unite and give their undivided support to the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Kapit parliamentary constituency in the coming 14th general election (GE14).

Speaking at the Kapit Hawkers Association’s ‘three-in-one’ function here on Saturday, Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat told them that the incumbent Datuk Alexander Nanta Lingi would be the BN candidate for Kapit.

“I appeal to the Chinese in town to follow other communities (Dayaks and Malays) in giving their full support to incumbent Datuk Alexander Nanta to defend the seat.

“Every vote counts and I appeal to all voters to vote for Nanta to ensure a big win.

“When the government sees that we are strong supporters of BN, they will reciprocate by delivering more developments to Kapit,” he said.

The ‘three-in-one’ function comprised installation of the association’s 2018-2019 committee, presentation of Datuk Sng Chee Hua Children Cash Studies Incentives 2017 and presentation of angpows to the senior citizens.

Jamit said it would be vital for Nanta to be re-elected as MP in continuing the pace of development in Kapit.

“Kapit still lags behind other urban centres like Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu or Miri in terms of development.

“This doesn’t mean that there is no development here. Since Nanta became our MP and especially after he was appointed Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development in 2013, he implemented many infrastructure and amenity projects to enhance the standard of living of the local people.

“However, we are hungry for continuous development to catch up with other urban centres. Thus, we should vote for him.

“Because of his sound track record of being people-oriented, dynamic, responsible and hardworking, Nanta is popular among the constituents. If possible, there should not be any contest. Let Nanta win uncontested,” he added.

On the opposition, Jamit said they were not sincere in serving the people.

“They just want people to support them and only provide lip-service and blame the others.

“After the election, they would disappear.

“On the other hand, the BN candidate has a service centre in Kapit to provide assistance to the people in need.

“Among the services is assistance to children going for higher studies,” he said.

Jamit shared with those attending that earlier in the afternoon, he drove all the way from Kapit to Rumah Ngelai Ampas, Nanga Tisa, Sungai Kapit to inspect the 4km gravel road, four iron bridges and also the levelling of a new site for the 36-door Rumah Ngelai.

“In the past, the folk of Rumah Ngelai depended on river transportation, which took a three-hour longboat ride from Sungai Yong to Rajang River. It was very difficult to visit them.

“Now it is easy because they are connected by road. Many families now have 4WD (four-wheel drive) vehicles. This is because of the development brought by the government to improve their livelihood.

“In this light, I appeal to all Chinese community leaders, leaders of the Chinese associations, clubs and also elders to make effort to explain to their fellow Chinese why they need to support the government candidate in the coming election.

“We must let the young generation understand the reality of who is capable of bringing development to Kapit,” he pointed out.

Pemanca Yong Thu Fook, Penghulu Sia Shui Poh, Kapitan Yap Hui Li, Kapit Hawkers Association chairman Kong Siau Kui, United Chinese Association chairperson Sng Geok Yien, Kapit Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman Ling Hang Ping, Kapit Foochow Association chairman Sii Bang Ee, Kapit Hawkers Association deputy chairman Wong Hwang Hyang, advisor Dato Yong Hua and Edward Manggah who represented Nanta were among those present.

A secondary schoolgirl receives cash incentive from Jamit.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/03/19/kapit-chinese-asked-to-fully-support-nanta/